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Instrument appearance is ranked in index of national quality competition ability
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Instrument appearance and culture, office is in with mechanical manufacturing industry newest trade of released index of national quality competition ability ranks the 3rd in the rank, notch for 83.42. In 12 observation variable, this industry notchs the variable before leaning quite has product quality grade to taste every 1 million yuan of percent of pass of merchandise inspection of loss late of rate, quality, exit, production value to have patent number and international market sale to lead.

Quality competition ability is analysed

Reporter discovery, instrument appearance and culture, office has two observation to notch variably with mechanical manufacturing industry the platoon is in first of each industry, it is product quality grade respectively taste percent of pass of rate and exit merchandise inspection. Among them, product quality grade is tasted of rate notch the condition that basically reflects this industry to use international standard or advanced standard production. Can see from this, instrument appearance and culture, office is using advanced standard to produce respect expression to be highlighted quite with mechanical manufacturing industry.

The statistical data of national statistic bureau makes clear, 38% what instrument appearance and culture, office begins the enterprise of own innovation activity to hold company sum total with mechanical manufacturing industry, rank in each industry the 4th; Of R&D funds and product sales revenue than achieving 0.89, rank the 8th. Among them, funds of science and technology of center of technology of cognizance company of the sort of industry technology center that the preeminent company such as 4 couplet groups of group of assaying of Inc. of project of the system when Beijing and benefit, Jinan, China maintains in the country and nation takes sort of sales revenue scale in be among the best of candidates. This also explains, the enterprise of this industry values the investment on technology and innovation quite, this also owns patent in every 1 million yuan of production value with its the number, observation such as quality loss late notchs on variable taller photograph is consistent.

The data that guild of Chinese instrument appearance provides makes clear, 2005, the exit forehead of industry of bearing of our country instrument is 226% 2000, year all grow 17.8% . This association thinks, one of accounts that speak growth of frontal high speed are, wait for integrated quality as technology of our country industry, management and business ability rise, some products already had dimensions advantage and international market competition ability. Additional, foreign capital company comes China the main factor that investment production also is export growth.

Why does the home become the introduction according to director of guild of Chinese instrument appearance, make the production actual strength of industry of bearing of our country instrument ceaseless to the attention of technology and standard increase, a batch of products that own own intellectual property had replaced an entrance. For example, the DCS of our country own research and development (dispersive model control system) the market is had rate already from on of century end 10% rise to 30% above, make foreign product is exited from this domain gradually. Current, the DCS that indigenous industry produces, mix from crop, production value, sales revenue order goods carry on on the quantity, already exceeded world-famous company to be in China solely invested with the joint ventures.
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