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The scientist creates the world thousand of hopeful of the roundest sphere overc
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International standard 1 kilogram weight used on a balance

According to England " new scientist " magazine story, recently, one is built by engineer and the international group that skillful craftsman forms give a pair of nearly perfect sphere, be considered as the roundest object on the world, the scientist hopes it can make kilogram magnanimity new standard.

Or new standard of thousand gram magnanimity

On the SPIE astronomy binoculars that holds in France last week and instrument congress, delegate attending the meeting undertook discussion to the sphere of these two different common. International group is built giving them is to solve " kilogram problem " . The existing international kilogram that makes by platiniridium alloy former implement deposit at French capital Paris, have 120 years of histories, but it already " uncannily " lighter than before 50 microgramme, bring many troubles to the person that pursues the nice job such as scientific research and data statistic.

Then, the researcher that is in charge of making unit and Standard Dimension (call metrology home) the proposal that raised level of many redefine kilogram. 2011, international Council on Weights and Measures will make final ruling to this problem. Among them a proposal is A Fuga by the name heart collect project (the international group of Avogadro Project) puts forward, the silicon atom that aims to be made clear through the amount will define kilogram standard accurately. Atom of how many silicon does kilogram have after all? To solve this problem, the scientist made sphere of this pair of perfect silicon designedly.

In the near future, the scientific panel of Italy, Belgian, Japan and United States gives accurate consideration the silicon atomicity that uses place of production pushball body to need to look. This is not a comfortable job. For test and verify the bulk of every sphere, scientists use laser optics to disturb appearance from sphere apparently random selection is nodded 60 thousand times, measure every dot those this distance between. In the meantime, they still will use detector of X ray crystal to film the photograph of silicon crystal structure, in order to decides atomic space distance and density.

Through taking density and bulk look, every group will reach his 1 kilogram has atomic of how many silicon to calculate after all. Important is, these data want each other conform to. Nevertheless, the production of these sphere is a challenge likewise. Science of Australian the British Commonwealth and industrial research organization (CSIRO) will make this important task A Fuga in April this year group of heart collect project, hope its complete this intractable work at an early date

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