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Yunnan saves open up vacuum gauge to measure calibrating calibration new field
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In recent years, because the bitter fleabane break out of vacuum technique is exhibited, metric to vacuum demand and demand are higher and higher, drove the progress that vacuum gauge measures thereby, the development of vacuum technique must rely on vacuum gauge to measure, vacuum gauge quantity is the important step that vacuum technique applies and develops. As the generation of floodlight bubble development rises the development of vacuum technique, at present vacuum technique more and more use science of aerospace, high-energy physics, material, life widely sanitation of science, medical treatment, safety defends, the industry such as industrial production. What vacuum gauge quantity already developed to become independent into is ramose, measure limits cent to be low, medium vacuum, high vacuum, ultrahigh vacuum (10-6 ~ 10-12) Pa, its research content has been measured from traditional total pressure expand with calibration cent pressure is measured with calibration, aeriform billabong is measured (leakage is led) measure with calibration. To assure the dependability that vacuum measures, all sorts of vacuum gauge indication that use to all trades and professions need to undertake calibrating or calibration regularly, in order to make sure what its measure an outcome is accurate and consistent.

Save the blank that vacuum gauge measures for fill Yunnan, yunnan saved metric courtyard leader to approve hot work place to build the application of device of standard of second-class vacuum gauge. Measure calibrating and calibration level to raise vacuum gauge, study the advanced technique that vacuum gauge measures and method, what Yunnan saved metric courtyard to attend academy of Chinese metric science to hold is removed the vacuum after 37 years detects groom with calibration technology and metric calibrating regulations class, favour kisses ear listen respectfully Ge Chuxin of academy of Chinese metric science, cost calls south two researchers of year of nearly 80 advanced age give lessons.

Course covered vacuum gauge to measure system of ABC and vacuum uncertainty of measurement, vacuum to design leak hunting and application, vacuum to obtain the type selecting that reachs vacuum to measure equipment to wait for content. The chemistry that Yunnan saved the personnel joining model of metric courtyard to overcome vacuum gauge quantity to be involved, physics, element is kinematic, hydromechanical the difficulty that waits for ABC to need give attention to two or morethings, the academic ABC that carried vacuum gauge amount smoothly and real operation take an exam, obtained verification worker letter, to save metric courtyard hot work place is about to begin vacuum gauge to measure calibrating and calibration job to had done personnel to lay in. At the same time equipment of level of vacuum gauge volume also is being purchased in, yunnan saves metric courtyard to strive calibrating calibration job measures vacuum gauge to begin inside this year rise, the science and technology that saves for Yunnan and economic progress contribute a force.
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