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Treasure alliance rolls out Barflex IrDA portable manometric
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Barflex IrDA of new product of treasure alliance have the aid of, offerred the portable electron that has the spot to collect data manometric. Collection data passes interface of a far infrared ray, can be transmitted on an any computer. This kind of equipment is handled very easily and suit very much to liquid and aeriform test.

This equipment adds aluminium to make a case in the bag outside resin is being used on the design, make its the test to the spot is good choice. This kind of pressure sensor is based on Transbar technology, accordingly it applies to the test of most medium to need.

Pressure is changed to check a place in the process through installation, pressure sensor of this Barflex IrDA can realize automation and persistent data to collect. Different time lies between next data that can record 16 to nod. Time-interval arrives 1 hour from 0.5 seconds between change. Because this is fast,test and long-term test are feasible. Data derives through a standardization interface of far infrared ray comes true. The software that is used at data to show is OK with Window 98, 2000, XP and Vista operating system are compatible.