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Graduate of college of quantity of a major programme of lasting importance of qu
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Website of entry talent invite applications for a job, you can discover very quickly, "Quality engineer " very popular, it or one of post of home's most in short supply 2007 10 adult ability. The foundation of product quality engineer is quality project major. Ministry of Education approved Chinese metrology courtyard formally to open product quality project 2004 (abbreviation QE) undergraduate course is professional, this is our country first time teach formally in national undergraduate course this major is added in Yo. Quality project major is with the standard foundation, metric it is a target for method, quality, be called " the cradle that trains quality engineer " .

The personage inside course of study points out, when a lot of professions move toward saturation, quality engineer this one profession " money " road is infinite. Can go up in many special performance invite applications for a job, the post demand that registers quality engineer discharges advanced row. Current, qualified personnel of professional to the quality of high quality technology lacks our country very.

Be aimed at market demand, chinese metrology courtyard pays attention to a student very much start work ability, arrangement student enters practice, in enterprise or business unit quality detects, analysis of quality data statistic, quality supervises exercitation of post of as qualitative as a gleam of such as management check, this one practice also let a student get accident surprise.

Many units are when the qualitative check of invite applications for a job, post that install check, draw up clearly " have quality engineer, inside careful member qualification person preferential " , accordingly, institute this major graduate attends attestation to take an exam during the university, this one 166 graduate, certificate of qualification of the member that have the careful inside ISO9000 entirely, among them 50 much people still gained competence of primary quality engineer. Accordingly, rate of this professional graduate obtain employment is achieved 100% .