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Metric with brand photograph union makes China old name
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Heart city braised chicken is the China old name that having 300 old histories, also be one of 4 names chicken of our country tradition, braised chicken is the urban calling card of city of state of Shandong province heart, it is the outstanding brand of heart city and even China. Protection and brand of development braised chicken are a of municipal government and each branch significant move that start city all the time. Recently, city metric place is opposite to lab of limited company of group of heart city braised chicken and workshop the metrological implement of count for much of braised chicken quality undertakes calibrating. In all the metrological implement such as watch of balance of box of calibrating sweatbox, education, thermometer, acidity plan, analysis, pressure more than 50 () , can be for personnel of technology of limited company of braised chicken group in the experiment reach accurate without by accident data, make sure the respect such as product quality did important safeguard thereby.

As we have learned, this second calibrating emphasizes proceed with of box of the thermometer from pyroelectricity respect, sweatbox, education, be opposite stage by stage perform medical examination, the serious calibrating that the metrological implement of the respect such as quality, pressure undertakes having move, the metrological implement that these labs and workshop use is accurate concerning directly the quality of the product, this technology personnel is meticulous, every instrument equipment undertook several times debugging calibrating. It is reported, the analytic scale that uses in the lab should arrive accurately decimally hind 4, ability assures well and truly to produce assuring braised chicken quality, this technology personnel is serious and accurate undertook calibrating to its. Ever since, this technology personnel is opposite to the workshop again antiseptic used pressure list undertakes careful calibrating, weights and measures technique and urban brand perfect union, wrote the protection and development city brand, harmonious canto that makes China old name jointly.