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Aid peace is metric place family expenses 4 watches are free check
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Recently, metric place lab opens bureau of inspect of ability of quality of peaceful city of Shandong province aid freely, the list burning gas that uses to citizen domesticity, water meter, ammeter, tonometer, glasses and clean content of the mensurable commodity that pack are metric complain carry out detect freely.

According to introducing, detect freely this the activity is aimed at average citizen only, do not accept any company products detect, still undertake centralized detecting between 5.2 worlds metric date, annual is begun to detect freely after May 20 activity. Need detects the citizen of metrological implement can pledge to aid peaceful city metric business accepts inspect bureau first floor the hall undertakes registering, after putting on record via the staff member, the citizen can hold metrological implement to undertake detecting to qualitative inspect bureau.

It is reported, the metrological implement that finishs via detecting issue to the citizen only facilitate the announcement that identifies metric function and exact extent book, add no longer stick any calibrating mark of conformity. In the meantime, detect to ensure the just sex of the result and accuracy, detect original record must be handed in file by bureau of quality ability inspect.