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Our country has percent of pass in maneuver measuring implement 97.4%
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The number that the country pledges check total bureau is announced shows, this bureau was being used to gas station jointly with total bureau of national tax Wu last year cheer machine duty to accused device and metric function to undertake supervisory checking, the whole nation (outside dividing Tibet) cheer many times machine, investigate of all kinds and metric illegal case 1892 cases in all.

Metric with the people's livelihood closely related, wide all the time get attention. The country pledges data of statistic of check total bureau shows, rate getting check was had in maneuver measuring implement 2007 from 91.7% rise 97.4% , percent of pass from 92.2% rise 97.4% ; Clean content country supervises two mensurable packing commodity that organize in of the same age special in selectiving examination, convenient cover (fine dried noodles) , the mensurable packing commodity such as milk powder, tea, clean content sampling percent of pass is respectively 89.1% with 88.2% . Since this year May, system of countrywide qualitative prison was begun " attention the people's livelihood, metric Hui Min " special operation, insist to execute the law with administration for the method, nod for final stay with metric Hui Min, make mart of trade of inn of gas station, meal, market, glasses match, the taxi live with common people closely related, appear easily the key field that the place of metric illegal behavior develops as the action.