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Connect the department that turn water to strengthen water meter ceaselessly met
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Carry out for development " measurement Law " , carry out national plan to measure calibrating regulations seriously, ensure broad user water meter moves metric and normal, accurate, reasonable collect fees. Jilin province connects the tap water that turn city while the company is building duty standard of installation of perfect water meter, maintenance, calibrating and management to set, each government that refines water meter ceaselessly works.

Since this year, connect company of the tap water that turn city to use the real problem such as level of fixed number of year, damage according to broad user water meter, take reconnaissance survey of user of development of the member that collect fees, professional technology personnel centers the means such as the examination, change the urban district to connecting respectively enterprise or business the water meter that unit, dweller uses water door used a circumstance to have comprehensive examination. Appear in the newspaper in time to damaging water meter is accomplished at the same time and change, to the water meter of existence doubtful point, execute nonsked dog excerption, assure metric and accurate without by accident, the standardization that realizes job of water meter management, system is changed. End at present, add up to outfit change water meter 572, seasonable rate 100% , user satisfaction is led 100% .