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The electron measures an instrument to encounter high speed 2 times to develop i
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Since Chinese electron measures an instrument to be in new China to hold water at present expand opportunity the 2nd times. Good luck of first time development happens in 20 centuries 60 time of 50 ~ , found a state in new China there are 12 in 156 earlier and affirmatory major projects is an electron survey instrument project, 7.7% what take total item, and built 11 electrons to measure instrument factory and an electron to measure instrument institute in a few years of short time, basically satisfied the requirement that national defence equips at that time and national defence industry measures an instrument to the electron. Develop the occurrence of good luck the 2nd times, basically originate the development of Chinese economy, the development that Chinese economy passes reforming and opening nearly 30 years, appeared at present two change: It is the industry should upgrade, 2 it is the industry should innovate independently. Operation of an industry test from the make choice of of raw material, monitoring that produces a course, product, trade needs an electron to measure an instrument to finish, because this electron measures instrument bear,wear other industry upgrades, the historical mission of own innovation.

How does the requirement that satisfies pair of high end instruments ceaselessly satisfy domestic company to gauge the demand of the instrument to high-end electron, method has two: It is buy from abroad, 2 it is home is offerred.

To China a such socialism are bought from abroad for big country cannot accomplish completely, products of some × of × of regulation of national proclaimed in writing export China to want this state governmental approval. Like integrated circuit instrument its check 333MHz of rate prep above not to sell China; Moreover globalization of economy of world of that is to say did not break political diversity, politics remains a wide gap, economic globalization also does not cross political diversity more sometimes this chasm.

Next, the electron measures an instrument is industry of much core technology, the developed country transfers core technology impossibly to China, especially much core technology. The main body that 21 centuries international competes, it is big country the competition of strategic industry. The first, globalization setting falls to still have national interest and national safety problem. In the rise that China regards an impossible leech on to as the developed country big country, its key technology and fundamental science and technology must become independent relatively, the developed country transfers core technology impossibly also to us. The 2nd, the enterprise among industrial internationalization and issue of industrial dominant authority, china cannot be on the extreme of international industry chain forever, and let high end to the developed country.

Moreover, the electron measures an instrument is " industry of associated sex strategy " . Will tell strategic industry to must develop independently to China. With " own innovation " replace " open innovation " , it is national establish the key of strategy of right estate development one pace. Strategic industry is built in science and technology on revolutionary evolutional foundation, risk and income are high. Development strategy industry can drive capacity of national technology innovation, it is core interest of the country, development strategy industry can create long-term and dynamic comparative advantage, pull use countless industries chain. Anyhow, china regards the world with independent politics as big country, must walk along two roads at the same time: Follow market economy pattern will current work is concentrated model the industry upgrades; Use national power to prop up the strategic industry that has independent intellectual property. This is the road of two both can be implemented without coming into conflict.
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