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Our country will emphasize appearance of instrument of development environmental
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Learned from association of Chinese instrument appearance a few days ago, entire 2007 industry realizes gross value of industrial output 307.8 billion yuan, achieve sales revenue 300.5 billion yuan, grow 29% compared to the same period; Profit total 22.5 billion yuan, grow 35% compared to the same period. "915 " during, in the instrument appearance of different kind, automata of development of key of our country general high accuracy product. Among them, the Chongzhongzhi that class of appearance of environmental protection instrument is development is heavy.

The expert inside course of study thinks, with a view to strengthens environmental protection to execute the law strength, accelerate environmental protection to build pace, increase environmental protection to build investment, cultivate environmental protection industry the need of new point of growth of economy of this one countryman, product market will have industry of bearing of environmental protection instrument to grow substantially henceforth. In appearance of environmental protection instrument, the demand that monitors automation to control systematic product to the environmental protection of atmosphere environment, water environment will be very exuberant.

Class of industrial automation appearance, be based on key development technology of spot bus line advocate accuse systematic unit and intelligence to change special type and appearance, special automation appearance; Enlarge service territory in the round, the digitlization that boosts instrument meter system, intelligence is changed, network, appearance of the automation that finish from the imitate technology change to digital technology, scale of appearance of the number inside 5 years achieves 60% above; Have the commercialization of the automation software of own intellectual property quickly.

Class of appearance of electrical engineering instrument, developing a stress is macrobian life electric energy special report measures watch of electric energy of type of watch, electron, special type appearance and electrified wire netting are metric and automatic administrative system. To 2010, home market of appearance of tall intermediate and electrical engineering instrument has rate general to achieve 80% .

Science checks instrument class, development is kiln of furnace of appearance of the process analysis instrument, environmental protection instrument that monitor, industry mainly test of energy-saving analysis instrument and the car component dynamic balancing that need around fundamental industry place, motivation and truckload measuring instrument of function detector, earth, electron fast measure appearance, measure model the whole world locates.

Medical treatment instrument, developing a stress is medical telescope; Become with the number picture, high-grade and black and white super- , colour exceeds, what colour exceeds transducer to be technology of key of research and development is supersonic and medical instrument; Processing system of X line image, open the instrument of large medical treatment such as system of type superconduction nuclear magnetic resonance and clinical information system; High-energy intelligence changes tumor to treat large instrument system.
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