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Storm of tropics of body of 60 people funeral is Haitian and stricken be hit by
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Haitian government says, haitian the number that dies at tropical storm Han Na had exceeded 60 people. Among them one of triplet are in stricken be hit by a natural adversity Eve of most serious accept of dagger of upper haven city dies,

Current, in Ge Na Eve still has 70 thousand people to be in temporarily shelter makes his home.

Haitian president says, after a few weeks experienced a series of storm to make a surprise attack one after another recently, sea floor faces " disaster " .

In the past inside 3 weeks, assault of 3 tropical storm is Haitian. Haitian official says, share 170 people to die.

Storm of Han Na tropics causes the flood that is as deep as a few meters. British Red Cross estimates, about 230 thousand person is stranded.

By force of pluvial block up, personage of U.N. peace keeping leaves the refugee that base appeals to despair very hard to distribute food.

In Ge Na associated press reporter of Eve says, current, the drinking water here special still shortage. The cadaver of the float animal in the flood.

As this tropical storm passes the Bahamas to move to American southeast coast, nearly 1 million people been makinging scattered preparation.

Han Na will reach American shore on Saturday, somebody is afraid at the appointed time it upgrades likely for hurricane.

But do not stabilize as a result of storm method, the government still did not give orders scattered.