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Japan helps Jordan improve infrastructure of Za Erka water supply
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Will report on August 21 according to Jordanian times, jordanian government and Japanese government will sign agreement giving a money on August 20, japan supplies the water supply project that 10.8 million dollar uses at continueing to finish to Jordan. Project of this water supply was started 2007, by Japan border collaboration is organized (JICA) carry out jointly with management board of Jordanian water natural resources, main goal is run path and pumping station through transforming Zaerka's current water supply, improve water supply condition of Zaerka.

Use Japan of the first phase sends the project a 14.2 million dollar, had been built and recovered from an illness the water supply network of Ruseifa-Oujan area; Use Japan of the 2nd phase sends the project a 10 million dollar; The 10.8 million dollar that this morrow offers originally will be used at the 3rd phase of the project, the water supply network design and the small-sized reservoir that build an area to be 14000 square metre and Al Batrawi area.

Begin from 1999, japanese government has provided of all kinds support to Jordan 340 million dollar, among them 280 million help for free, 60 million dollar is the others soft loan.