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"Ford is wholesome " become global issue
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2008 Swedish Stockholm " world water week " forum kicks off on 18 days. The forum this year with " the development of water and foreground: The world for a clean health " give priority to a problem. The material that just reachs international to organize place to offer is sponsorred to show before the conference begins, "Ford is wholesome " already became global issue, the form that people is faced with nots allow hopeful.

"World water week " institute of water of international of forum organizer, Stockholm releases a report 17 days to say, toilet and wholesome establishment are defective endanger the whole world about 2.6 billion person. Meanwhile, the whole world has 1.4 million children every year to because of surroundings sanitation the condition is differred and die at malaria relevant disease. These two topic for discussions did not get enough take seriously.

U.N. Educational is some earlier the findings report that moment publishs shows, in the developing country, the sewage of about 90% and the industrial waste water of 70% emit into wadi without processing, this meeting menace uses the supply of water to drinking water safety and life. According to estimation, the whole world the disease of 88% can ascribe to use water and lack insecurely relevant and wholesome establishment.

The investigation of U.N. Educational still shows, global city uses water more and more nervous already: 2007, global half population lives in town. To 2030, town population scale can increase to nearly 2/3, cause a city to use water demand increase sharply thereby. Findings report estimation will have 2 billion population to live in shanty town and slums. Devoid cleanness is opposite with water and wholesome establishment the blow of these urban poor people is the most serious.

"Ford is wholesome " alive bound each district already became the issue that nots allow to ignore. The orgnaization such as U.N. Asia and committee of society of Pacific Ocean economy releases a report to say, at present Asia-Pacific a rural area makes an appointment with those who have 560 million person to water the condition had be notted improve, 1.5 billion person lacks basic wholesome establishment. A report of World Health Organization points out, the population of 62% does not have Africa the toilet on real significance. Although be in Europe and United States, "Ford is wholesome " also be severe problem. U.N. Economic Commission Europe ever reported this year say, europe still has 100 million much person to lack safe drinking water. Be in the area that 56 members are in Economic Commission Europe, on average everyday 37 children die as a result of devoid safety drinking water at diarrhoea. 2006, extensive Europe area makes an appointment with 170 thousand person to use flood disease for lack of safety, among them 120 thousand person suffers from armour liver.

A findings report that associated press will publish this year in March shows, the United States contains a variety of medicaments part such as antibiotic and tranquillizer 24 times in urban drinking water greatly, at least 41 million person is drinkable in daily life the water of hidden danger of safety of this kind of existence.
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