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Israel listens " sound " argue pledges water pollution detects new method
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Israel scientist discovery detects one kind the new method of water pollution -- " listen " hydrophyte gives out " sound " .

Israel is aquatic Ciwei Dubinsiji says the biologist, this kind detects the methodological principle of water quality is simple, need to use float of illuminate of a bundle of laser to be in only the algae of surface, can according to alga catoptric sound wave, the contaminant type in dividing separate out water and water get contaminative rate.

Prevent Bin Siji says, laser can stimulate alga to absorb quantity of heat finish photosynthesis, and in this one process, one part quantity of heat can be gone to by reflection in water, form sound wave. "Healthy " the alga photosynthesis ability with different situation is different, the sound wave intensity that the quantity of heat that reflection gives forms is different also.

The scientist uses strength of sound wave of observation of tailor-made underwater microscope, with respect to the growth that can understand alga the state reachs his all round water quality. "If (detect equipment) bright red light, demonstrative water quality gave an issue " .

This kind detects the method is returned can " listen " give alga to suffer why to plant contaminant pollution.

Researcher Qiasuofu says Youliya Ping: "If algae is polluted by the contaminant containing lead of battery plant or paint factory eduction, the sound wave that it generates can is short of iron unlike it or reveal the sound wave that gives out at other toxin. "

Prevent Bin Siji says, alga is very sensitive to water quality change and cover all water area on the earth almost, accordingly, with all sorts of water quality that use generally at present test method photograph is compared, this kind " sound audition alga " measure water quality way the operation is more convenient, cost is lower, the result is more accurate. If obtain,aid financially, this studies achievement general to be commercialized in the implementation inside 2 years.