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Japan invents smooth motivation motor
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Expert of chemistry of university of Japanese Tokyo industry invents motor of a smooth motivation. Investigator says, this is motor of on the world first smooth motivation.

Japanese joint company reports 20 days, the working principle of motor of this one smooth motivation is, a kind special and plastic can come true below different light illuminate adjustable, drive motor movement thereby.

Report, by chemistry of high polymer of Tokyo industry university professional professor Chi Tianfu is cultivated and Zong Ji of researcher hillside plot manages project of this one research begin, research is published at Germanization to learn society magazine as a result.

The person such as Chi Tian discovered 2003, bases is occasionally azotic benzene (Azobenzene) plastic material contracts via appearing after ultraviolet illuminate, after illuminate of classics visible light restorable. After classics of investigator all previous experiments several years, through changing specific class status, successful development goes classics illumination can fall to shoot implementation in room temperature condition adjustable special and plastic.

Investigator thinks, the ability after existing solar battery needs to change solar energy into electric energy tries to use, and smooth motor is OK and direct a kinetic energy of solar energy translate into, give plant of power of new-style solar energy through studying hopeful is derived further.

Chi Tian says, this kind of smooth motor is opposite at present of solar energy change efficiency not tall still, still need to rise through farther experiment change efficiency.