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Israel development goes water supply to monitor crisis of software monitoring wa
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The development of company of computer of project of Israel plum red that is located in sea law goes tap water of a kind of town to monitor software, when water supply appears to pollute or be assaulted by horror, this software can help management department undertake decision-making, reduce the effect that the accident causes and loss.

Yizake Meidan shows this company general manager, monitor urban water supply for real time, they used a kind in software development but the complex algorithm of condition of the flow below imitate conduit ageing and different pressure, use this kind of algorithm not only but imitate current feature, and become some or appear when leakage, still can issue warning before breakdown happening, remind a technology personnel is maintained in time.

This software also can regard the crisis as the auxiliary and decision-making tool of processing. After emergency happening, technical personnel can decide according to this software which cop and water a powerful person need to shut. Somebody thinks, after producing water pollution crisis, should close the water valve that approachs source of water above all. Actually otherwise, cop of urban water supply is a very complex system, if do not add analytic ground to shut the conduit of an area, can bring about another area hydraulic rise, if encounter ageing of this area cop, the likelihood appears serious leakage, enlarge incidence, should make clear how will the water after closing water valve flow, be monitored according to what undertake to actual condition with respect to need and imitate will decide.

In addition, urban water supply and the sources of energy are inseparable. Actually, the much that urban water expends is to be used at paying to input water supply and make water its are smooth going from place to place electric power, tell from this meaning, real time masters the data such as the discharge of the water in conduit and water a powerful person, velocity of flow, flow direction, hydraulic to adjusting, managing the sources of energy has real sense.