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Israel is denied execute " discrimination sex " water supply policy
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Day of 1 of company of Wu of Israel nation water makes a statement, deny pair of Jordan bank area is executed on the west " discrimination sex " water supply policy.

This company says, with square annual to Jordan on the west bank area water supply 500 million stere, exceed " Oslo agreement " requirement amount 30 % . In addition, although in recent years Israel home water consumption somewhat cut, but to Jordan the supply of bank area increased instead on the west.

Carry on Er also said spokesman of management board of Israel irrigation works that day, palestine and Israel root allocate water resource according to the agreement that reachs before this, with square all the time according to the agreement to cling to square water supply. He still censures cling to ethical power orgnaization pays no attention to stealing water behavior, and allocating not do one's best of action of respect of water natural resources, create partial area water supply is in short supply and other area criterion water supply is excess.

One human rights organizes Israel some earlier that day moment warning says, as a result of Israel " discriminate against a gender " fountainhead allocation policy and continuously old drought, jordan bank greater part distributes land on the west area today summerly general faces the severe shortage that use water.

Current, bank area makes an appointment with Jordan on the west of 80 % offer by Israel with water.