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Area of southeast Asia of product of appearance of Chinese electrical engineerin
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As a result of our country electrician instrument appearance belongs to labor concentrated model industry, product cost is inferior, increase of content ceaselessly as technology of product science and technology, product of appearance of our country instrument gets international is approbated stage by stage, southeast Asia and the favour of a few developing countries gained in competition.

Make clear according to custom statistic data, product of appearance of our country electrical engineering instrument is the product with less entrance of the only in industry of domestic instrument bearing, and have certain batch export. A few enterprises increase devoted strength on hi-tech content product, development capacity rises stage by stage, quality management system is progressively and perfect, obtain international attestation.

In the meantime, our country enterprise forms dimensions to change after annex combination, cost is reduced stage by stage. As these conditions gradually maturity and the economy that export a nation grow, digital appearance, a few net mouth tests the high-grade product such as the system, system that monitor watch, automatically with electric energy, will have to Iran, Pakistan, Philippine, Malaysia, Vietnam, south Africa and volume of Euramerican export waiting for a country bigger rise. Additional as we have learned, inside very long henceforth period of time, these countries all will increase its infrastructure to build strength, wait for the instrument appearance with many need the product from this.

Current, the product with wide bedding face of the quantity in the industry is type of electric energy watch, installation, ammeter and portable ammeter, these products belong to product of labor technology intensive, the technical level with domestic existing company can satisfy the requirement of home market completely, and because domestic labor is resourceful, salary is inferior, consequently the product has extremely strong price dominant position, the enterprise that can infiltrate southeast Asia has actual strength with a few developing countries, home completely mights as well pay close attention to these countries to be in more the market demand of respect of appearance of electrical engineering instrument.