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Aimosheng rolls out ELITE of the largest flow
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Recently, ai Mo gives birth to process management company to announce to roll out the largest flow to allow ELITE high®Keliaoli flowmeter. This flowmeter can satisfy finance commerce completely to hand over applied requirement. As up to now the Ollie in the division of the largest ELITE that Aimosheng rolls out flowmeter, it has unapproachable measurement function and dependability, it is complex, large flow measures those who measure applied ideal to choose.

As a result of crude oil, natural gas, ethylene and other hydrocarbon kind corporeal price is climbed litre to the history new tall, urgent need use precision and dependability first-rate flowmeter come to the user undertake commerce has sex metric. Even if is tiny measurement error, also must give eliminate, in order to avoid potential allocation uncertainty. Crude oil and hydrocarbon kind material hands over a system to need large flow solution especially, so that can be inside the shortest time,measure larger flow. Have 0.10% quality and bulk precision, and the Aimosheng that only station flowmeter has highest span to compare allows Keliaoli high technology, satisfying need nicety to gauge the applied demand of function and dependability.

Abstruse benefit flowmeter is had in the division of large flow of new-style tall accurate ELITE that Aimosheng rolls out without but the function of compare and dependability, apply to need to use caliber to be 8 " (DIN200) or 10 " (the process connective of DIN250) measures application. The discharge of the biggest liquid of this flowmeter is 94, 000 Ib/min (2250 ton / hour) , the discharge of the biggest gas of natural gas is 192, 000 Scfm and standard pressure grade are 1450 Psi(100 Bar) , expanded greatly consequently the applied limits of flowmeter of tall accurate ELITE.

The Ollie in division of large flow of tall accurate ELITE flowmeter already according to American oil consortium (API) and American gas institute (the regulation of AGA) uses crude oil, other liquid state is amiable voice hydrocarbon kind had a test. In addition, the Ollie in division of large flow of tall accurate ELITE flowmeter is measuring 2004/22/EC (MID) of instrument guiding principle to be aerometry according to Europe plan (Annex MI-002) and besides water (the Nmi of Holand metric academy to global authority asks for all liquids beyond Annex MI-005) attestation.

In large flow crude oil or other hydrocarbon kind corporeal commerce hands over application in, with respect to to the importance of the user character, systematic dependability is next to discharge to measure precision. Modern trade hands over a system to have survey plan automatically, controallable hydrocarbon kind of material assemble and unassemble exercise. Before these systems use turbine or cubage formula (PD) flowmeter will measure flow. However, user cognizant measures the whirl inside the system to purify now the component can obtain higher reliability.

And to turbine type or cubage type (the equipment such as PD) flowmeter, its are basic functional implementation relies on these whirl component part. Abstruse benefit flowmeter does not contain any movable parts in tall accurate division of Aimosheng, do not suffer consequently wear away or the influence of function drift. The Gao Ke that tall accurate flowmeter has leans model with long-term solution just about the requirement that the user joins a system to large flow commerce.
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