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3 gorge are hydraulic imitating test will measure a station to undertake in nati
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2008, to be being set in unseal the national water large flow of instrument limited company is metric for the station, will be have far-reaching sense, year, the technical collaboration project that as metric as China scientific academy has -- hydraulic imitating test will be in 3 gorge water big station undertakes. Academy of Chinese metric science heats up strong point of pool of work place king, China room of discharge of metric and scientific academy Director Meng Tao, Liaoning visits room of metric courtyard discharge 3 people come group of Director Zhuang Tao to water to stand greatly, with station leader and technical personnel together, held technical communication to meet, the specific issue that is aimed at cooperative project had technical communication.

3 gorge project is China the new project that metric and scientific academy has water big flowmeter measures research, the item is main the purpose is to finish 3 gorge discharge to measure test and verify to work, form a state standard of supersonic flowmeter calibration, date stops to be since the project came in July 2007 December 2008. Academy of Chinese metric science passes earlier stage for many times survey and make an on-the-spot investigation, decide as big as water station undertakes the project cooperates finally, press hydromechanical medium hydraulic and similar principle, imitate condition of 3 gorge upper reaches, build DN500mm caliber fact to shed a model, realize test and verify of experiment of numeric to imitate calculative to work.