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The fundamental effect that flowmeter measures
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Discharge, it is to show the liquid is below certain limit requirement, has flowed liquid the physical quantity of how many. In our life and production, when opening gate or faucet of to turn on, discharge and the cut door size that open are concerned, also concern with time at the same time, that is to say, how many what discharge size points to the fluid amount that has shed conduit some section inside unit time namely, namely instantaneous discharge. In some the summation of the fluid discharge that has shed inside period of time is called accumulate discharge. The water meter that the family uses and gas meter walked along how many every months " word " , those who point to is a month accumulate discharge, walked along how many stere in this one month namely gas or how many tons of water.

What flowmeter quantity needs unified unit and accurate value of a quantity is consistent, cannot begin in commerce, settle accounts and flow control otherwise. What have instantaneous discharge and accumulative total flow well and truly is metric, not only the interest that is helpful for protecting country and people, also be to have the fair trade, base that upholds social order at the same time, to managing the sources of energy, cost accounting, prevent wasteful, advantageous supervise offer assure. In the exploitation base of oily, gas field, first class of haven, code is built have oil storage, gas storage, input, output, large installation and facility, need to undertake accurate metric. In the past, because we do not have crude oil flowmeter, when exporting oil, the waterline that relies on steamer will undertake metric, give to be afraid of insufficient, blindly much fill a few tons, even a few tons, make national economy gets loss, chilly foreign trader still can look for your trouble, said to affect them nautical safety; Return meeting be punished less, affect national reputation even. Now, cropland of our country each lard, gas field, haven, dock is built accurate flowmeter measures equipment and meter, make the oil of our country carry had accurate and reliable basis. Before reforming and opening, our free ground gives Hong Kong water supply, later instead is paid water supply, hong Kong puts forward to offer water meter must qualification of calibrating of academy of classics China metric science just can be become pay according to.