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Close to by congress east wind metric development
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Technology of quality of Zi rich city supervises working conference to be held in Lu Zhongbin house. The conference is communicated carried out the whole nation, complete province to pledge oversee makes conference mind, summed up worked 2007, commend advanced, analytic situation, deploy worked 2008 the task. Zi rich city Deputy mayor Liu Youxian attends the meeting and make important speech, director of peak of city bureau merchant made a problem be " around the center, service overall situation, initiate simple supervise work to make new phase in the round " working report.

Learn from the meeting, place of metric test of Zi rich city is judged to be science and technology to permit be careful in one's conduct advanced unit and information publicize advanced unit. Director Gu is being summed up sufficient affirmation was made to metric job when working 2007. Last year, zi rich city built 148 keys to use source of can odd potential energy metric archives, use to the key can the enterprise is carried out " metrological implement is deployed and administer general rule with source of can odd potential energy " the circumstance of national level undertook checking; Whole town majority is used mainly can the equipment of metrological implement of company energy resources the requirement that grade of rate, accuracy achieved national mandatory standard, 148 keys are used can the enterprise realized col metrological implement equipped ratio, accuracy rate to achieve the goal of 100% . The taking of these achievement showed metric 2007 job is in place of metric test of Zi rich city there were greater progress and development below ranking leader.

Director Gu is in the overall demand that whole 2008 town raised to pledge oversee is made when deploy worked 2008, emphasize emphasize pointing out it is good to should be caught deep the sources of energy is metric measure the job with plan of the people's livelihood. In order to fulfil " managing energy law " attach most importance to a dot, continue to begin energy-saving fall bad news is metric service activity, strengthen the sources of energy metric execute the law and supervise an examination, the new experience of metric job mixes promotion the sources of energy new achievement, raise the sources of energy ceaselessly the accuracy of metric data and utilization rate; Continue to advance " metric be at ease the project enters a country, into the supermarket, into community " with sincere letter metric construction activity, the organization begins key trade metric and special supervisory inspection, outstanding catch sanitation of mart of good part trade, bazaar, supermarket, medical treatment metrological supervision of place of domain, glasses works, increase machine, civil to cheering " 4 watches " wait for what masses complains heat problem to investigate strength, severity attacks metric and fraudulent action; Continue aggrandizement industry is metric the job, for the enterprise metric, calibration provides excellent service.

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