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AW-Lake company rolls out new-style ClearView to become sectional flowmeter
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Current, the banner manufacturer that regards North America flowmeter as the product and cent sell business, AW-Lake company is rolled out new-style become sectional flowmeter. The meaning that the brand name of this new product conveys no less than in that way, design of this ClearView flowmeter will have a transparent substance, in in applying to test process, needing to observe the application of fluid condition particularly. This new-style flowmeter economy is substantial, have superior technology, the VisiRate that this enough makes new product can replace AW-Lake company monitors appearance.

For as compatible as fluid medium photograph, this ClearView flowmeter provided two kinds of models, the first is ClearView H20, it is used technically at the test application domain of water, the 2nd is ClearView model, basically use at oil and chemical test, be like solvent and refrigerant. This ClearView flowmeter provided all sorts of dimension and interface choice kind, include to use brass and get together film of sulphone acyl amine (the NPT that Polysulphone) makes and BSPP interface. The test precision of flowmeter of this kind of ClearView is in ± 5% the left and right sides. The precision of duplicate tests of product test result achieves ± 1% .

New-style flowmeter is had compact design a characteristic with aggrandizement, solved previous product the problem of easy occurrence break, make the product has apparent competition ability in all sorts of application domains.