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Enterprise of key of 24 water pollution of Xing stage city is installed " electr
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On Feburary 19, reporter from city environmental protection monitors station know, up to now, there already was enterprise of key of 24 water pollutions to install 25 water pollution inside our city area under administration the online system that monitor, its are mid subsystem already was checked and accept through the environmental protection of relevant section, already mixed net of couplet of branch of the environmental protection that visit town moves.
As we have learned, water pollution is online the system that monitor is called what expect is in blowdown enterprise by environmental protection expert " electronic police " . This system by water pollution source the online instrument that monitor is mixed water pollution is online composition of room of the station that monitor, its monitor an instrument to basically include emission chemistry oxygen demand is online and automatic the appearance that monitor, ultraviolet (UV) absorb water quality automatic and online the appearance that monitor, ultrasonic bright canal sewage flowmeter and data collect transmission appearance to wait. This system but every other a few seconds or monitor sectional computer database a few minutes to report relevant data from tendercy environment, so that monitor a branch to master contaminative source trends to arrange a condition at any time, discover in time and check the illegal blowdown behavior of the enterprise.

Bureau of the environmental protection that occupy town concerns chief introduction, the basis visits environmental protection department about water pollution source the concerned requirement of the online system that monitor, all countries inside whole town area under administration accuse, full installation water pollution is online before the province accuses to reach city to accuse key proprietor of an enterprise to want liquid waste to discharge establishment to must be by June the system that monitor, so that carry out online monitor, net of couplet of branch of environmental protection of implementation and province, city moves.