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The flowmeter of user of the commerce in natural gas changeover is transformed
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As enrage on the west east be defeated by engineering go into operation to move, union changes natural gas, hefei lights gas group limited company (company of the following abbreviation) to Hefei city's existing even more 400 commerce user undertakes flowmeter transform the job.

1 promotion uses cubage type flowmeter
Cubage type flowmeter is the meter that a kind of nicety measures aeriform volume, apply to commerce especially metric, basically include flowmeter of collect Ci type and leather film mood to light gas watch. According to need, can configure temperature and pressure compensation device, can deserve to have a variety of signal output, facilitate with computer couplet the net centers monitoring [1-4] .
1. The characteristic of flowmeter of 1 cubage type
① definition is high (accumulate discharge precision limits to be ± 2.5 % of ± of 1 % ~ ) , repeatability is good. Interior turns to go by nicety is machined and detect evenly, rotate without the contact. Good oil-lubricated ensured flowmeter accuracy is changeless. Working hours is long.
② only then use flow small, span comparing is wide (have 10: 1, 20: 1, 30: 1 wait for) , apply to metric bear to change large aeriform flow.
The change that ③ is measured to enrage weight to spend states to appearance the influence of value and accuracy is minor.
④ installation is more convenient, straight to appearance around paragraph the demand is not high, can install the place in dimensional stricture.
⑤ has double password to install a function, can prevent illegal and cogged set.
⑥ metric accuracy does not suffer pressure and the effect that discharge changes, performance is steady, life is long.
⑦ circuit uses the surface to stick outfit craft, the structure is compact, interference rejection capability is strong, stability is tall.
⑧ deserves to have RS-485 communication interface, but direct with go up a machine couplet net, use with special Modem form a complete set. Can comprise a phone to copy watch network, the concentration of facilitating data is collected and handle in real time.
⑨ is particularly important is to light gas user settle accounts to also use cubage type flowmeter with watch burning gas, be helpful for a knot and standard unity.
1. 2 intelligence are accumulated calculate appearance
Gas falls in different pressure and temperature condition, its density change is bigger, the aeriform flow that because this must is opposite,measures below temperature of actuating pressure, job is standard bulk discharge according to aeriform equation changeover, its are metric just have real sense.
Hefei city year average atmosphere 101 KPa, year average temperature 15. 8 ℃ , year average humidity 76 % , low-pressure conduit lights baric force 4 ~ 6 KPa. Think aeriform condition equation normally (=101.325kPa of μ of standard reference conditions, t=273. 15K) computation, raised metric accuracy greatly. Indigestion calculate pressure of instantaneous discharge and medium temperature, medium also is shown while appearance shows accumulative total flow, for the analysis of all sorts of operating mode contrast provided reliable basis. Indigestion calculate appearance to all sorts of signal output serve as configuration IC card to carry out implement the computer inputs signal, for all sorts of concentration the canal buries upgrade make good technology reserve, make the technical preparation that good allow divides for informatization management. Intelligent accumulating calculates appearance to be held by the hand about parameter implement will have set, before appearance leaves factory, concerned parameter already set ends, outside divide desired result or be being maintained, the user need not be revised commonly.
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