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The company below silent unripe banner allows high (Micro Motion
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Ai Mo gives birth to subordinate high accurate company, by right of its F series high temperature product and Asian discharge center hold water respectively include " award of user of product of 2007 year innovation " (process instrument category) and " 2007 year award of 10 big news " two large award.
Appearance of high temperature of new-style F series, attainments is in perfect high accurate high temperature division gens of product of abstruse benefit flowmeter. F series offers F025, F050 and F100 stainless steel or product of alloy of haing family name now, its are rated temperature all can be amounted to 350ºC, it is one kind can be achieved optimal those who measure the effect is compact and discharge sky product oneself. Show itself in more than 20 products that F series product participates in this, again evidence the dependability of the banner sex that allows a company high to go up in the technology and product.

Ai Mo gives birth to Asian discharge center is Aimosheng a when process management announced in August 2007 significant investment that is located in Nanjing, center of this Asia discharge will become to have world-class to horizontal area is made and deserve to send a center, the flow that provides industry to precede measures a technology, contented market gauges the demand that the product enlarges ceaselessly to discharge, serve better at the Asia-Pacific region market that expands ceaselessly. Of center of this Asia discharge build, raised Ai Mo to be born in Chinese productivity not only, and farther aggrandizement the client service that Ai Mo gives birth to process management and support. management of unripe to Ai Mo process, china already became the main base area of global strategy.

This mobile selection process includes a net to go up voting, the process such as expert examine and verify. Two award that Aimosheng follows high to be obtained this, reflected Ai Mo adequately to give birth to a banner to leave high accurate company in Keliaoli the authority of flowmeter domain and user support are spent, and the brand is in Aimosheng the consequence of industry. "We are very glad to see those who come from user and expert approbate, high accurate company will be in Aimosheng add of new a year of relay devotes oneself to a product to study kimono Wu, the client satisfaction that improves us further is spent " chief inspector of business of division of China of ministry of process management discharge Mr Zhang Yuncai says Aimosheng so.