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Tone vapour flowmeter " hot mouse " be stayed in by capture
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Some exchanging station destroys vapour gage, purloin vapour many tons 900, value 82000 multivariate, was executed the law recently personnel is hunted down.

Supervisory bureau of city quality technology was received recently inform against say, village of life of China garden of Europe of road of stone city brilliance heats up exchanging station " heat up secretly " . On January 12, supervisory bureau of city quality technology executes the law personnel is in of the unit staff member such as police station of leap forward district cooperate to fall, the vapour flowmeter that hot to this village exchanging station uses undertakes the spot is checked. It is normal that the result discovers this exchanging station is in heat addition, but the instantaneous flow that the vapour flowmeter that this station uses shows is however 0! Vapour flowmeter is destroyed, lost a function.

Policeman of police station of leap forward district lawfully subpoena the manager Liu Mou that is in charge of this village property and Li Mou of maintenance worker worker. Liu Mou and Li Mou told the fact of their filch heat source respectively. Through Liu Mou incite sb to do sth, li Mou rises from November 15, 2007, before coming off work afternoon everyday open appearance ark with the key that matchs secretly, use technical measure to make 2 times the instantaneous discharge of appearance becomes vapour flowmeter 0, namely air feed on the rails, appearance cannot metric. To avoid to be discovered, after going to work in the morning the following day, li Mou returns to normal appearance again.

According to Shijiazhuang statistic of company of China report heat addition: Arrive 58 days of January 12, 2008 from November 15, 2007 in, heat exchange of village of Europe China garden stands in all " purloin " hot vapour 915 tons, value 82327.13 yuan. Current, this case is in farther cognizance.